Catherine Hotel

City of Avalon, County of Los Angeles

Santa Catalina Island, CA

Working on behalf of the Catalina Island Conservancy, a non-profit public charity, an organization dedicated to the restoration and protection of Catalina Island’s wild lands, Hunsaker Land Surveying, Inc. has been performing several surveys throughout the island. One of which was to accurately map the land on which the Catherine Hotel is occupying. Work included a Record of Survey filed in Los Angeles County to monument the parcel as well as a design survey for the future trailhead/visitor’s center.

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys

Figueroa Street – Carson, CA

One of the primary roles of the land surveyor is to determine the boundary of real property on the ground. The corners of the property will either have been monumented by a prior surveyor, or monumented by the surveyor hired to perform a survey of a new boundary. When performing Land Title Surveys not only is a boundary survey performed but Hunsaker Land Surveying crews will locate any and all structures, walls, utility appurtenant devices and various other items of importance and depict them showing how they relate to the land, boundaries and easement lines. This work is performed utilizing the requirements of American Land Title Association (ALTA) and American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM) guidelines.

Private Estate Survey

Fallbrook, CA

Private Estate Survey

HLS has provided surveying services to a vast amount of private land owners for everything from individual lot surveys in congested urban areas to large acreages in a more rural setting, such was the case with this site in Fallbrook. Fallbrook is a small city in northern San Diego County, California. This site was nestled up in the hills near the eastern limits of Camp Pendleton Marine Base. Our work entailed a boundary survey of previously unmapped lands, records research and title examination. The end result being a Record of Survey filed in San Diego County and staking of property lines for fence installation.

Beach Communities

Arch Beach Heights

Laguna Beach, CA

Most beach communities throughout Southern California will now require a lot survey, and, more specifically, lot corners to be set, prior to any construction. Most of the Southern California coastline has little if any reliable survey information still existing. Hunsaker Land Surveying, Inc. has accumulated a vast amount of experience in these areas. This experience is invaluable when performing lot surveys in the beach communities while maintaining accuracy, timeliness, and quality all within project budgets.

Seabluffe Estates

Leucadia, San Diego County, CA

Hunsaker Land Surveying, Inc. has been providing lot surveys for homeowners in the Seabluffe Estates when they are pursuing additions to their homes and patios. Many of the monuments have been buried in the sand and seawater for years creating any number of interesting corrosive oddities. Our crews have years of experience in resurrecting buried property markers and knowing when they have gone far enough or when they should keep digging. Over the years vegetation, erosion and accumulation of debris can make discovery of monuments difficult. The lot surveys have become a requirement for any homeowner wishing to remodel.

Silverado Canyon

One of the more rural areas in Orange County is Silverado Canyon. For this particular job roads of any kind were at a premium, so quite a bit of hiking was involved, not uncommon for surveying in general. Our work entailed an ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey of the 200+ acre site and a Record of Survey filed with the Orange County Surveyor’s office. We utilized Orthophotography for areas of restricted access and endured a lot of brush cutting on the steep hills to uncover property corners that had been engulfed in years of ever-expanding vegetation.